Once-daily XIMINO capsules offer EXTENDED RELEASE minocycline in 3 dosage strengths5

  • XIMINO capsules can be taken with or without food.5
  • The recommended dosage for XIMINO capsules is approximately 1mg/kg once daily for 12 weeks.5
  • Weight-based dosing of XIMINO capsules, in 3 dosage strengths, covers a wide range of patient body weights and may minimize the risk for dose-related side effects.2,5
  • XIMINO capsules are the only promoted and sampled 135mg dose of minocycline, the highest strength available.

How to dose XIMINO capsules5

XIMINO | 45mg
Actual mg/kg dose:
1 to 0.76
99-131 lbs
XIMINO | 90mg
Actual mg/kg dose:
1.5 to 1
132-199 lbs
XIMINO | 135mg
Actual mg/kg dose:
1.48 to 0.99
200-300 lbs

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